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Plant holobiont research is the study of the interactions between plants and the various microorganisms that live in and on them, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This field of research aims to understand how these interactions shape the functioning of plants, including their growth, development, and responses to environmental stressors

Plant-soil feedback research studies the interactions between plants and the soil in which they grow. This research focuses on how plants shape and are shaped by the chemical, physical and biological properties of the soil, and how these interactions affect plant growth, development, and ecosystem functioning

Image by Montseng Ntabejane
Dead Sea Scenery

Soil biogeography research is the study of the distribution, diversity, and functions of soil biota across different regions and ecosystems. This field of research investigates how soil biotic communities vary across different biomes, their role in ecosystem functions and services, and how they respond to global changes such as climate change, land-use change and pollution.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion research is a multidisciplinary field that studies issues related to fairness, justice and access to opportunities for underrepresented groups. This research examines the ways in which discrimination, bias, and structural inequalities affect individuals and groups, and aims to identify and develop strategies to promote equity and inclusion in various settings, such as workplaces, education, healthcare, and criminal justice.

Image by James Eades

Scientific collaboration refers to the process of working together with other researchers to conduct scientific research, share knowledge, and advance the field of science. This can include co-authoring scientific papers, working together on research projects, and sharing data and resources. Collaboration allows scientists to share their expertise, ideas, and perspectives, leading to more efficient and effective research.

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