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The equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI)

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) work is the effort to create a fair and just society by promoting and valuing diversity, challenging discrimination, and creating opportunities for historically marginalized groups. This work includes creating policies and practices that ensure fair treatment and access to opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their background. In the workplace, this may include efforts to diversify hiring practices, create an inclusive culture, and address systemic barriers to advancement. The ultimate goal of EDI work is to create a more equitable and inclusive society where everyone can thrive.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion in science education and training is crucial for creating a fair and just society and for advancing the field of science. A diverse and inclusive science community ensures that a wide range of perspectives and ideas are represented and valued, leading to more innovative and impactful research. Additionally, promoting equity and inclusion in science education and training helps to address the historic underrepresentation and marginalization of certain groups in the field, and to open up new opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Furthermore, in an increasingly globalized world, where scientific and technological advancements have an impact on society, it is important to have a diverse set of scientists, who can bring different perspectives and ideas to the table. This will lead to better problem-solving, decision-making, and ultimately, better outcomes for society.

Moreover, a diverse and inclusive science education and training environment will also benefit the students, by preparing them for a diverse workforce and global society. They will learn to work effectively with people from different backgrounds and cultures, develop cross-cultural communication skills and learn to respect different perspectives.

In summary, promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in science education and training is essential for advancing the field of science, and for creating a more just and equitable society. To this end, our objective are:

  1. To increase representation and participation of underrepresented groups in science education and training programs.

  2. To create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all students, regardless of their background.

  3. To identify and eliminate barriers to success and advancement for underrepresented groups in science education and training.

  4. To promote cultural and linguistic diversity in science education and training.

  5. To provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to work effectively in diverse and inclusive teams.

  6. To foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the contributions of underrepresented groups to the field of science.

  7. To challenge and change current stereotypes and biases in the field of science.

  8. To promote equity and social justice in the field of science education and training.

  9. To create a culture of inclusivity that encourages the free expression of diverse perspectives and ideas.

  10. To provide training and resources to faculty, staff, and students in order to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in science education and training.

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