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Yuke Li; Jie Liu; Itumeleng Moroenyane; Wenpeng Hou; Yinglong Liu; Jie Jin; Jiyi Gong; Jie Liu; Han Xiong; Chen Cheng; Yin Yi , and Jianfeng Wang. Effects of the different land use types and the soil depth on soil nutrients and soil bacterial communities in a karst area, southwest China. Soil Systems (In Press)


Moroenyane I, Tremblay J, and Yergeau É. 2021. Soybean Microbiomes Recovery after Disruption is Modulated by the Seed and not the Soil Microbiome. Phytobiomes Journal. 97(1):1-12

Williams  T, Bleau J, Allen ML,  Seamans GS, Cannon B, Fontaine N, Halane M, Koopman R, Makunga NP, Moroenyane I, Soto T, and Montgomery BL. 2021. Growing a Community: The Inaugural #Blackbotanistsweek Recap and Looking Forward. Taxon .70 (1)

Moroenyane I, Mendes L, Tremblay J, Tripathi BM, and Yergeau, É. 2021. Plant Compartments and Development Stages Modulate the Balance Between Niche-Based and Neutral Processes in Soybean Microbiome. Microbial Ecology. (In Press)

Moroenyane I, Tremblay J, and Yergeau É. 2021. Temporal and Spatial Interactions Modulate the Soybean Microbiome. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 97(1):1-12

Yu Shi; Dorsaf Kerfahi; Matthew C Ogwu; Jianjun Wang; Ke Dong; Koichi Takahashi; Itumeleng Moroenyane; Jonathan M. Adams. Elevation-related climate trends dominate fungal co-occurrence patterns on Mt. Norikura, Japan. Science of the Total Environment. (In Press)



Moroenyane I*, Tripathi BM*, Steinberger Y and Adams JM. 2020. Slope aspect influences soil microbial community structure and composition in Israel arid Mediterranean. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution. 1-6 *joint first author.



Moroenyane I, Chimphango SBM, Woo C, and Adams JM. 2019. Neutral models predict biogeographical patterns of soil microbe at a local scale in Mediterranean heathlands, South Africa. Transaction of the Royal Society of South Africa.74 (2), 139- 150

Girsowicz R, Moroenyane I*, Steinberger Y. 2019. Bacterial seed endophytes community of annual plants modulated by plant photosynthetic pathways. Microbiological Research. 223, 58-62 * corresponding author

Ogwu MC, Takahashi K, Dong K, Song H-K, Moroenyane I, Waldman B, and Adams JA. 2019. Fungal elevation Rapoport pattern from a high mountain in Japan. Scientific Reports. 9:6570

Cho H, Tripathi BM, Moroenyane I, Takahashi K, Kerfahi D, Dong K, and Adams J. 2019. Soil pH rather than elevation determines the bacterial phylogenetic community assembly on Mt. Norikura. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 95 (3): 1-12


Moroenyane I, Tripathi BM, Dong K, Sherman C, Steinberger Y, and Adams JM. 2018. Bulk soil bacterial community mediated by plant community in Mediterranean ecosystem, Israel. Journal of Applied Soil Ecology. 124: 104-109


Tripathi BM*, Moroenyane I*, Sherman C Steinberger Y and Adams JM. 2017. Trends in taxonomic composition and function of soil microbiome along a rainfall gradient in Israel. Microbial Ecology. 74(1) 168-176 *joint first author.

Dong K, Moroenyane I, Tripathi BM, Takahashi K, Yamamoto N, An C and Adams JM. 2017. Soil nematodes show a mid-elevation richness/diversity maximum and follow Rapoport’s elevational rule on Mt. Norikura. Scientific Reports.7, 3028

Moroenyane I, Chimphango SBM, Dong, and Adams JM. 2017. How local scale variation influence nematode community structure in the Fynbos Mediterranean heathlands, South Africa. Journal of Nematology 48(4): 685-701

conference paper



Kerfahi D, Park J, Tripathi BM, Porazinska DL, Moroenyane I and Adams JM. 2016. Molecular methods reveal controls on nematode community structure, and unexpectedly high nematode diversity, in Svalbard High Arctic Tundra. Polar Biology. 40(4):765-776

Moroenyane I, Chimphango SBM, Wang J, Kim H and Adams JM. 2016. Deterministic processes govern bacterial phylogenetic community in the Fynbos of South Africa. Microbial Ecology. 72(2): 313-323.

Moroenyane I, Chimphango SBM, Singh D and Adams, JM. 2016. Deterministic processes dominate nematode community structure in the Fynbos. Evolutionary Ecology. 30(4): 685-701

Dong K, Tripathi BM, Moroenyane I, Kim W, Li N, Chu H and Adams JM. 2016. Soil fungal community development in a high Arctic glacier foreland follows a directional replacement model, with a mid-successional diversity maximum. Scientific Reports. 6, 26360

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