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Lab News

Welcome to our News Page, where we delve into the latest developments and insights in the field of plant holobiont science and its intersection with anthropogenic global climate change


New Lab Members !!

Tebogo Masetlana has joined our research team as an MSc student co-supervised by Prof. Nox Makunga. Her research will focus on the influence of microbial species pools in aiding abiotic stress in soybean and Sutherlandia frutescens. Tebogo aims to gain a profound understanding of the pivotal role of plant-produced metabolites in microbial assembly and their benefits for enhancing plant resilience. 


Dr. Tandokazi Magangana

Dr. Tandokazi Magangana has joined our team as a postdoctoral researcher for the AJ-CORE-funded project focused on advancing sustainable soybean protection and resilience to drought stress in Africa. With expertise in agro-processing and metabolomics, Dr. Magangana will be instrumental in developing innovative strategies to improve soybean resilience to environmental stressors and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices in Africa.


Plant Holobiont Lab to host Plant Day Celebrations

Join us for an immersive exploration of the wonders of plant science at our upcoming Plant Day celebration. Discover the vital role plants play in sustaining life on Earth, explore diverse research conducted within our department's labs, and engage in interactive activities and workshops designed to inspire curiosity and appreciation for the green world around us. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with researchers, students, and community members passionate about advancing our understanding of plants and their importance to our planet.

Plant Day 2024_Day 1.png

New Lab Member

Welcome Tacha-Marie to the Plant Holobiont Lab as the our research intern. Tacha is working on the Soybean Microbiome Project

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